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Digital Design and Development

Now that you have your product, you'll likely want to sell it. We can build powerful eCommerce solutions that help you manage and promote your online presence.

3D Rendering

Once we have a model to work with we can generate photorealistic renders to help you see what your product could look like in the real world. Or even produce rendered images for marketing collateral.

3D Animation

Our talented 3D Artists and animators can bring your product to life, showing how it's made, works, and demonstrating it's capabilities for short form advertising.

2D/3D CAD Design + Modeling

3ED offers 3d modeling for quick visualizations, updates to existing models as well as modeling with manufacturing in mind.

3D Printing

During the development phases, or for end-use production we can 3D print your parts, product, or project.


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How it works

1. Get an Instant Quote

Using our intuitive Brief Builder you are able to get an instant quote and purchase the service(s) with all of the necessary requirements.

2. Review, start and iterate

Once we have received your job request we will review the brief to determine if it's in scope. If it is, we will begin your job right away. During a job you will have a chance to provide feedback once our QA team has sent you a revision.

3. Delivery

Once the Job is approved we will deliver all assets and files if they have not already been provided during a revision. If part or all of your Job includes parts we will update you with tracking information.